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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Update !

So it's been a while and I'm pleased to report the mice are gone thank goodness.
The personal training is still fantastic although I missed a session last week - and felt the wrath of my marine core-esque trainer (can't say it was an altogether unpleasant experience!).
Even though trainers are expensive they are totally worth it is a great on-line resource for those that lack the funds. So no excuses ;)

Work wise things have been fantastic I recently enjoyed a long weekend in a fantastic little town, staying on for a few extra days and meeting some very interesting boys and girls (you know who you are purrrrr).
Mr NYC is a dedicated follower of the arts and also super spiritual and as such educated me in a few new Tao techniques which I shall be investigating further. (Thank you darling see you in September!).

The most note worthy thing that happened on my travels was the loss of a dear friend.
It was dreadfully and happened in the powder room of a well known sushi restaurant.
No dear reader it was not a life claimed by 'Fugu', but by a flick of a wrist.

Whilst rather animatedly discussing Tony Blair with a female friend, (a friend who I might add has been pretending for 6 months to have been cured of smoking by Allen Carr.)I was reaching the crescendo at the same time as she was flushing the cigarette end.
Clasp of my beloved diamond bracelet failed me and spun in a whirlpool to it's watery death.

I demanded that the staff call a plumber to remove it from the U bend but was told in no uncertain terms that this would not be possible.

I was consoled a little by my dining companions but the evening never quite recovered.

Everything happens for a reason - and this has served to educate me about insurance, and being accomplice to naughty schoolgirl like smoking habits.

Call Girl Escort London Isobella

Friday, April 21, 2006

All for the love of fashion

Personally I think that recent fashion has on the whole been fantastic I loved last seasons pencil skirts, galaxy dresses and wintery dark colours.
All wonderfull aids to dressing up the curves.
I avoided the skinny drainpipe jeans in favour for the Hitchcock heroine look.
Not just because I love the lines and the fabulous accesories (pearls and yummy stockings!)- but because it awarded me the opportunity to indulge in some of my favourite things.

My last blog entry was written shortly before a lovely long weekend with a client in Paris. Lauderee and I have a love love relationship. I appreciate their sugar laden treats and they appreciate my bulk orders of gift boxes that I have sent back home to friends and family old blighty.

But now shock horror dear reader - the tide has started to turn.
The waist of a normal pair of jeans now comes in low, very low, or ULTRA low.

Now I was around in the 90's when hipsters and bootcut jeans were ressurected from the bowels of hell. Naturally being a teenager with a flat tummy (so flat in fact that I'm sure people questioned whether I indeed posessed vital organs or intestines) I loved them.
Navel pierced, hipsters low, parents seething I paraded around like this for almost half a decade.

And here we are a few indulges too many and that new shopping trip is inducing hysteria and panic....ah well I guess there's nothing to do but die-I mean diet.

So personal trainer on speed dial, vegtables in the steamer and just in case one needs it a shoe horn to get one into those skinny binny trousers.

Call Girl Escort London Isobella

Monday, February 20, 2006


I went to a booking last night in a well known London hotel I'd never been to before.
Confirmed the booking with client and room number in hand I got there and made for the lifts .
One small problem I needed a card to call for the lift the lobby was empty and before I could whip my mobile out a concierge came over to ask me if I had a room there.
I of course gave him the clients name and room number-needless to say everything was fine but it was one of those baited breath moments !

The client told me that had he of given it thought he would have met me in the lobby.
He asked me how I'd managed to get up to the room - well duh !
"I'm resourceful I always bring a spare skeleton swipe card"

Call Girl Escort London Isobella

Sunday, February 12, 2006

HELP !!!

Seriously I was in bed reading when I saw something small and furry run across the room and under my bed.

I've got a mouse or perhaps even mice Noooooooo !
I lifted one side of the bed up (It's one of those unclippy things that breaks into two) and the little bugger ran under the other side. It had obviously been living there for a while too as it had made itself pretty comfy ewww.

How the bejeezus did I get mice? My cleaner is really not doing her job properly(cleaner I don't have a cleaner...oh!note to self get domestic help). But seriously my apartment is pretty spic and span usually.

Anyways I found some rat poison and threw it under the bed but now the question where do I sleep ?
It's 3am and I really can't be bothered to go to a hotel, I could sleep in the living room on the sofa, but what's to say it won't sneak up on me in the night and attack me.

Anyone with any information on how to get rid of my unwanted guests please let me know asap :(

Call Girl Escort London Isobella

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Friday !!!

Yep it's Friday again which means lazy days in bed (as apposed to the rest of the weeks mild to moderately active days on or in the bed).
Even if I get bookings for the weekend I won't be able to do them as I have family staying with me from out of town. This means work phone is switched off and the History of Webpages I've visited over the last 20 days erased (you never know).

So anyway to everyone reading this little blog (if anyone?!) have a super weekend if your in the UK wrap up warm !

4am : Went to visit boyfriend this evening, things went well but I just couldn't stay the night. I made my excuses and hailed a cab from outside his flat.
It's not so much that I hate sleeping in strange beds, but more that I don't want to get too close to him.
It's got less to do with my profession and more to do with the fact that I'm far too Independant. Perhaps I need to explore ways to get a healthy balance.

Call Girl Escort London Isobella

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Right just quickly I still can't figure out how to link things but here are some places worth checking out. This is a great site where you can check out loads of blogs ! (this girl is seriously sassy and entertaining) (Think Bizarre Magazine employing Sex Agony Aunt)
I'll keep adding to these but I'm late for a very important date, untill next time Aurevoir (Fantastic site for booking the date of your dreams, also has a fab forum for escorts and clients to enjoy) (This is a new forum for independents and agency gals to talk in a pribate forum as well as a public one, so come on girls n guys and check it out)

Culinary Salvation Indeed

As any hip young urbanite knows finding time to eat let alone cook can be troublesome.
Well gals and guys I may just have found our salvation (well mine at least!).

I had a 'buisness meeting' in Central London today a double date at my favourite hotel, with my favourite girl from the agency.
She's probably reading this blog right now so ;
"Hello Amazonian one, thanks for the recommendation, and by the way you should always wear red,it looked fantastic also get yourself a blog !"

Anyway to cut to the chase (I'm off to theatre land in ten minutes) - Ama told me about the best thing ever.
A company called Deliverance they do amazing stuff, Indian,Thai,Chinese,European (ie Fish n Chips)Italian,Japanese !
Of course I'm still reminding myself of my New Years resolution so mine was a salad but what a salad !

So I shall never have to cook, or wash up ever again and healthy, fresh food is but a click or call away !
Apparantly their Sushi is grand too. (for anyone living in London with an aversion to mess and the kitchen)

Monday, January 16, 2006

The Call Girls Guide to London: All The Small Things

The Call Girls Guide to London: All The Small Things