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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Culinary Salvation Indeed

As any hip young urbanite knows finding time to eat let alone cook can be troublesome.
Well gals and guys I may just have found our salvation (well mine at least!).

I had a 'buisness meeting' in Central London today a double date at my favourite hotel, with my favourite girl from the agency.
She's probably reading this blog right now so ;
"Hello Amazonian one, thanks for the recommendation, and by the way you should always wear red,it looked fantastic also get yourself a blog !"

Anyway to cut to the chase (I'm off to theatre land in ten minutes) - Ama told me about the best thing ever.
A company called Deliverance they do amazing stuff, Indian,Thai,Chinese,European (ie Fish n Chips)Italian,Japanese !
Of course I'm still reminding myself of my New Years resolution so mine was a salad but what a salad !

So I shall never have to cook, or wash up ever again and healthy, fresh food is but a click or call away !
Apparantly their Sushi is grand too. (for anyone living in London with an aversion to mess and the kitchen)


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