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Friday, April 21, 2006

All for the love of fashion

Personally I think that recent fashion has on the whole been fantastic I loved last seasons pencil skirts, galaxy dresses and wintery dark colours.
All wonderfull aids to dressing up the curves.
I avoided the skinny drainpipe jeans in favour for the Hitchcock heroine look.
Not just because I love the lines and the fabulous accesories (pearls and yummy stockings!)- but because it awarded me the opportunity to indulge in some of my favourite things.

My last blog entry was written shortly before a lovely long weekend with a client in Paris. Lauderee and I have a love love relationship. I appreciate their sugar laden treats and they appreciate my bulk orders of gift boxes that I have sent back home to friends and family old blighty.

But now shock horror dear reader - the tide has started to turn.
The waist of a normal pair of jeans now comes in low, very low, or ULTRA low.

Now I was around in the 90's when hipsters and bootcut jeans were ressurected from the bowels of hell. Naturally being a teenager with a flat tummy (so flat in fact that I'm sure people questioned whether I indeed posessed vital organs or intestines) I loved them.
Navel pierced, hipsters low, parents seething I paraded around like this for almost half a decade.

And here we are a few indulges too many and that new shopping trip is inducing hysteria and panic....ah well I guess there's nothing to do but die-I mean diet.

So personal trainer on speed dial, vegtables in the steamer and just in case one needs it a shoe horn to get one into those skinny binny trousers.

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